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Advanced Candidate Profiling Drives Unparalleled Results

Retained Search

The foundation of a successful business begins with leadership. It is imperative to find leaders who are inspired to join your team, understand your vision, and can execute on goals.

We take a comprehensive assessment of possible candidates that includes in-person interviews, candidate reports, comprehensive reference checking and targeted verification process.

Our retained searches are backed with a 100% guarantee to our clients.

We present your message in a controlled manner, which protects misrepresentation of company data.

Contingency Search

In a contingency search situation, Foster Beck earns a fee only when the client organization hires someone. We utilize an advanced profiling & screening method that maximizes efficiency.

We offer this search model as a flexible option to our clients and we use our extensive database of known candidates to identify matches on paper and we then send those candidates’ resumes to our clients for possible interviews.

Project-Based Recruiting

For clients who need 100% visibility to their executive search costs, Foster Beck’s Project-Based Recruiting model is a great fit. It is particularly helpful if our clients are: receiving new funding or launching an IPO; involved in a merger or acquisition; have large-scale expansion plans; or have last minute hiring needs or are trying to cap their contingency-based recruiting fees.

We provide a fixed fee, a dedicated search team, and first right-of-refusal on candidates. Our model is built for speed and precision. We work closely with your HR team, CFO, and Chief Revenue Officer to design and execute a search plan for a key sales or marketing exec or an entire team. Again, all for a fixed fee.

Project-Based Recruiting Delivers

Predictable Cost

You’ll know your total recruiting investment cost at the start of the project. Guaranteed.

First Right Of Refusal

Unlike contingency search, you’ll get first right of refusal on candidates with the project-based recruiting model.

Dedicated Team

We assign a full-time team to your project. They’ll quickly get to know your company, culture, focus and develop custom role profiles.

Faster Time-to-Hire

We can improve your time-to-hire by more than 50% via our PBR Model and extensive network of sales and marketing talent.

Competitive Intelligence And Consulting

From insight into your competitors and commission planning to current sales team performance using our assessment methodologies, we can help after the hire.
We’ve partnered with industry leader SalesGenomix to create a data-driven approach to ensuring Foster Beck offers our clients access to the best-fit candidates.

Role Profiles Custom To Each Client

We create specific profiles after understanding your company’s culture, strategic outcomes, revenue goals, and team dynamics.

Advanced Screening Removes Emotion

280 questions measure 866 data points with 140 attributes and are analyzed to create predictive job profiles. This ensures our clients evaluate the best possible candidates based on science (not emotion).

Powerful Analytics Via One Unmatched Predictive Science

Offering the highest validity rated assessment (per U.S. Dept. Of Labor) with a >80% score on hiring recommendation based on skill sets and response patterns.


What they are saying

"We've used Foster Beck Associates on several high-profile executive searches over the past five years. Our growth is highly dependent on getting the right talent on board to help us grow in the very competitive software-as- a-service space. Foster Beck is our 'on-demand recruiting' engine and they have hit it out of the park every time."
High-Tech CRO
"There are thousands of exec search firms out there who can throw candidates at you. Foster Beck really understands the technology industry and has an outstanding network of the top sales and marketing talent. I attribute a portion of our growth to the fantastic hires who have joined us, several made possible through working with Foster Beck."
SVP-Sales, Leading Software Provider
"We look to Foster Beck as our trusted partner to help us identify the absolute best candidates possible. These hires are critical to our growth strategy and Foster Beck flat out delivers."
VP-People & Culture, VC Incubator

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